by The Visionary

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released May 25, 2014



all rights reserved


The Visionary Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Traveller
Traveller, take your strides
step by step, with an open mind
Wanderer, hold your heart
hold it close, let your pride show

I've walked this road, once before
I've walked this road, to the end of the world
across the sea, into the fire
I've seen myself for who i am

For all i can be
For who i can be
Track Name: On Top Of The World
Well here we are
take a step back, take a step back
right back to the start
where you showed me how to love

I'll never forget the words you spoke to me
I'll never forget, never forget

When the sky and the sea dance
and the earth is in her trance
I know you're with me
where you have always been
And it feels like nothing
like nothing can touch me
I'm on top of the world
when you're with me

Well i guess its our time now
to show em what we've got
lets put up our guns
and take the world for everything its got

lets put up our guns
and take the world for everything its got
lets put up our guns
and take the world for everything
Track Name: The Great Traverse
Take a walk with me
open your mind and just try to believe
can you imagine, imagine you are anything
paint me the world, paint it the things that mean everything
be strong and be proud, for now you are helping others to see

Open your eyes
Open your eyes
I want to show you something beautiful

Please don't be scared
Please don't be scared
Take in the colour surrounding you

Now you lead they way
set the compass to nowhere
and take me away
help me create, create me a somewhere that we can stay
where nowhere is somewhere is anywhere
as long as I'm with you nowhere is somewhere is anywhere

Hold on
and let me tell you its alright
let this love carry us to the stars
lets set the sky alight
Track Name: This Is Our Adventure
You tied the rope
to my waist
knotting one end to yourself
you promised i was safe
you said to pull
if i ever felt alone
and now my hands are inches away
because god, i need to come home
oh god

The days turned to nights
and the nights, back into days
and every second without you
brings me closer, to your grace
i cant sleep, because the dreaming scares me to death
but i know if you could see me
you would laugh and tell me
i'm a mess

I'm a mess

I will look up
and i will hold back nothing
I've come so far
and i will make you proud of me

I am strong
like i could be King, King of the world

King Of the world

with pride in my chest
and you behind me
i can cut the rope
and make my way back
i am not alone
with you beside me
where you've been all along
I'll make my way back home

This is home
Track Name: Where The Rats Run The Streets (Ft.Kody Naidoo)
A loveless wonderland where the rats run the streets

Faithless Dreaming
a loveless wonderland where the rats run the streets
Aimless Living
there is no paradise where the birds can't be free

I've seen the world for what it is
and i am better,
not for what i can see,
but what i can teach,
to a man, who has a family to feed
So take this not in sadness,
but in new light, that we can build a house
build a stronghold of value
a stronghold of life
never again slip into the..

I may never know
what use my words have been
but at least i know
that i spoke them at all
i hold onto the thought
that with every one
we could have changed the world